As plans are well underway for The Grange Sale which takes place on the 12th September on farm, we thought we’d give you a bit of a teaser showcasing some of our favourite lots. 


LOT 3: Grange Hannah

DOB: 23.03.12 Sire: Dolmen Dam: Grange Davinia

GRANGE HANNAH has excellent breed characteristics coupled with maternal qualities and milking abilities.  Her pedigree is a combination of some of the best French genetics over the last 30 years – including Perit-B, Marquis and Gabarit, the first bull purchased at Lanaud Station by the Grange Herd in December 1992. Her mother’s pedigree includes Grange Juniata who was the champion pedigree heifer at Smithfield in 1996; her grandmother, Grange Tarashani, is the mother of Grange Cascade (mother of lot 35), the mother of Grange Gervaise and Grange Lequeux, the only two British bred Limousins to have been sold to France and permitted entry into the French Limousin Herd Book.  Her heifer calf at foot is sired by Laser, who was purchased at the prestigious Grand Cru Sale in October 2017, thus adding yet another set of quality genetics to this bloodline.

LOT 12: Grange Intrinsic  

DOB: 07.03.13 Sire: Dolmen  Dam: Grange Bacinella  

GRANGE INTRINSIC’s pedigree combines some of the best bulls to have been purchased from Lanaud Station.  Sired by Dolmen, she has the frame and skeletal development of her father, coupled with the muscling inherited through the Serge bloodline.  In addition, her mother’s pedigree includes the exceptional Gabarit (s. As de Pic) who was the first bull purchased from Lanaud Station by the Grange Herd in December 1992 and was arguably one of the very best bulls to have been imported in the UK.

Lot 15: Grange Jacinthe

DOB: 12.03.14 Sire: Gaspacho Dam: Fanny

GRANGE JACINTHE’s mother, FANNY, was purchased at the elite Interlim Grand Cru Auction Sale at Saint-Gaudens in 2012 as a yearling heifer.  Her mother has a good balance between muscle development and skeletal development, inherited from her father Bambou, who goes back to the highly noted Geant RRE VS.  This bloodline has proven to be a successful bloodline on France, producing easy fleshing cattle, with growth and power.  Sired by Gaspacho, Jacinthe has also inherited the growth and maternal qualities of her father’s bloodline, together with the width of pelvis to enable easy calving.  In addition, she has a good thickness of bone and very good breed characteristics.  Her bull calf at foot is sired by Indien, which adds another dimension to the pedigree in terms of increased muscling.

LOT 16: Grange Juanulloa

DOB: 11.04.14 Sire: Flamant Dam: Grange Fallon

GRANGE JUANULLOA’s mother, Grange Fallon, is a full sister to bother Grange Gervaise and Grange Leqeux, the only two British bred bulls to have been sold to France and to have gained entry into the French Herd Book.  Her mother’s bloodline includes Chabal, which brings additional muscular development, compared to her father Flamant, who added increased growth and skeletal development into his progeny.  Both bloodlines have been proven to be easy calving, and both have excellent maternal characteristics.  To date, all Grange Juanulloa’s sons have been sold on to commercial breeders, who have been looking for easy calving, easy fleshing and milky bloodlines.  Her current calf at foot, Grange Pescara, is sired by Honore – another easy calving bloodline, with muscling coupled with length and growth.

LOT 17: Grange Jonquilla 

DOB: 23.01.14 Sire: Dolmen  Dam: Grange Cascade

GRANGE JONQUILIA is a half sister to Grange Gervaise and Grange Lequeux, the only two British bred Limousins to have been sold to France and admitted into the French Limousin Herd Book to date.  Sired by Dolmen, Jonquilia is feminine with a very good pelvis and thickness of bone, to ensure ease of calving.  She has length and stretch and a good top line and combines the best attributes of both her mother and father.  In addition, she has a heifer calf at foot sired by Laser who was purchased at the elite Grand Cru Sale at the National Limousin Show in October 2017. She has been running with Honore.  The opportunity to acquire a combination of these bloodlines represents the very best of the genetics within the herd.

LOT 29: Lara

DOB: 22.09.15 Sire: Chatelaine Dam: Fanfare

LARA holds the unique accolade of being the first female to have ever been sold by auction at Lanaud Station since it was opened in 1984.  Her pedigree combines an unprecedented mixture of the best and most established bloodlines to be found in the French Herd Book, such as Chatelain RR, On-dit RRE, Neuf RRE, Coluche RJ and Turbot RR.  The combination of the different conformations attached to these bloodlines is reflected in the latest set of EBV’s calculated for her – growth of 112, skeletal development of 116, and 110 for IVMAT (maternal characteristics), all of which are combined with exceptional breed characteristics. 

LOT 34: Grange Nounou

DOB: 07.02.17 Sire: Dolmen Dam: Badiane

NOUNOU’s mother, Badiane, was purchased at the prestigious Grand Cru Auction Sale organised by Interlim at the National Limousin Show in Brive-la-Gaillarde in September 2008.  A daughter of Dolmen, Nounou has inherited the length and stretch of her father, coupled with the pelvis, thickness of bone and top line of her mother.  Badiane had particularly high EBV’s for growth, and was in the top 10% in France for maternal characteristics. She has been running with Norton, who was purchased in November 2018, and who also has very good EBV’s for easy calving, growth and maternal qualities.

Lot 35: Grange Nouvelle

DOB: 07.03.17 Sire: Dolmen Dam: Grange Cascade

GRANGE NOUVELLE has an outstanding pedigree in terms of proven bloodlines which have consistently produced quality stock.  She is sired by Dolmen who was noted for producing animals with growth and length, coupled with very good maternal characteristics.  In addition, this has proven to be a very easy calving bloodline, and the Sultan bloodline is renowned for this in France.  On her mother’s side, we find the highly respected Grange Cascade, mother of Grange Gervaise and Grange Lequeux, the only two British bred bulls to have been admitted to the French Herd Book.  Her mother’s bloodline also contains Grange Juniata, the champion heifer at Smithfield in 1996, as well as Perit-B, sired by Ideal 23.  This bloodline was exceptionally highly rated in France – so much so that Perit-B was the only one of Ideal 23’s progeny ever to have been exported from France; this was only achieved due to our extremely close relationship with Interlim and something which no other Limousin breeder in any other country was able to achieve.

Lot 41: Grange Noiselle

DOB: 23.03.17 Sire: Gaspacho  Dam: Grange Gabelle

GRANGE NOISELLE is the combination of two unique French bloodlines, combining the most important and desirable traits – growth and frame, maternal qualities, milking abilities and easy calving.  Her father, Gaspacho, was sired by the highly respected Coluche, a consistent breeder and the only bull to have sired over 40 bulls to have been permitted entry to Lanaud Station to date.  His pedigree contains Turbot, who was noted for producing growthy animals, and who can be found in the pedigree of such noted French bulls as Bananier.  All Gaspacho’s progeny have exceptionally good breed characteristics.  On her mother’s side is the Dolmen bloodline, which brings growth and easy calving, coupled with stretch.  Grange Noiselle’s grandmother, Cassie, was purchased at Interlim’s prestigious Grand Cru sale held at Nantes in 2009.  Prior to her importation into the UK, Cassie was widely shown in France with great success – she was placed first in her class on every outing except one, when she stood second.  Cassie had an almost perfect balance between muscular and skeletal development, inherited from her sire, Arlequin, who was a prolific breeder of exceptional females.

Lot 62: Indien  

DOB: 22.09.13 Sire: Filou Dam: Epice

INDIEN (57-06-012-651) is yet another bloodline which cannot be found anywhere else within the UK Herd Book.  Bred by GAEC de L’Agneau Lorrain (57), Indien was purchased at Lanaud Station in December 2014, where he had some of the highest figures for growth and skeletal development.  However, this is paired with increased thickness and muscle, but not at the expense of calving ease due to an excellent pelvis and thickness of bone.  Indien is passing these traits on to his progeny, with his eldest crop of daughters calving for the first time in 2019.  His sire Filou is a son of Cyrano and this bloodline is recognised for ease of calving in France.  Indien has been running with a selection of cows forward in the sale, together with a number of females who have been retained.


Bulls are for sale ranging from yearlings up to 20 months of age by a range of French sires out of some of our best female lines.

All bulls have stretch, scope, great locomotion and are backed up by French performance figures. Feel free to contact us for individual information on select bulls or arrange a visit.

Females are also for sale, ranging from maiden heifers up to cows and calves at foot. Again, please contact us for more information or to arrange a visit.

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